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BANQ is innovative decentralized global payment system based on blockchain technology and secured by Masternodes. BANQ will give an ability to store, spend, exchange and later borrow practically any Cryptocurrency as any other currency, but in a quicker, cheaper and more secure way than it is possible now in any traditional bank. BANQ is a future of Financial system with limitless opportunities.


What is Banq ?
It will be cutting-edge banking system based on latest blockchain technology

In recent years, the adoption of blockchain technology has paved the way for a new era of the internet. A revolution towards decentralization and transparency gave financial applications endless opportunities and ability to compete with traditional banks and financial institutions. The democratization of the financial services means freedom, low fees and good service for everyone.

BANQ will create the ecosystem for the people to be more connected with their finances and investments using simple financial tools based on state of art blockchain technology.

Today a transaction between two people in different countries can still take several days and cost the parties a significant share of the money transferred. We will make p2p money transfer easy, secure, fast as lightning at practically zero cost.


2017 Q1
Blockchain development

  • - Market analysis

2018 Q1
Blockchain launch

  • - World Media Attention
  • - Exchange listing
  • - Website Release
  • - Wallets Release (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • - Mobile Banq APP prototype
  • - Card service infrastructure prototype

2018 Q2
Expand the team

  • - Bigger exchanges integration
  • - Integration to the payment systems
  • - BANQ ATM prototype
  • - Regulatory preparation
  • - Exchange agrigation API

2018 Q3
Mobile BANQ wallet release

  • - Marketplace Beta
  • - European payment license
  • - Fiat currency support & IBAN numbers

2018 Q4
BANQ ATM Release

  • - Banking License

BANQ Project

  1. BANQ wallet will be your gateway to access all variety of financial products. Customers will be able to utilize a top-level inter-blockchain technology to facilitate off-chain and cross-chain transactions among different digital assets. The integrated exchange will allow you to easily convert assets from one to the other. BANQ wallet will support Peer-to-Peer payments that will allow you to transfer funds to your friends at low cost. In addition to blockchain based payments, a BANQ wallet will provide access to a wide spectrum of traditional payment systems and allow you to access your assets from wherever you are.
  2. BANQ debit cards will allow you to spend funds held in a BANQ wallet everywhere traditional credit or debit cards are accepted. The direct integration of a BANQ wallet will give you full control of your card. Virtual and physical cards will be available, giving you the option to choose a card which best suits your needs. With only a few clicks, you will be able to easily monitor your debit card balance and transaction history online.
  3. BANQ ATMs is Next big thing.Approximately 2 billion people worldwide and roughly 59% of adults in the developing world don’t have a bank account. Yet in some countries, cash transactions represent up to 95% of all transactions.Introducing BANQ ATMs. BANQ Coin holders who wish to exchange or transfer their digital assets or fiat currency will only require a cell phone. Users will simply download the “Banq Wallet” app to send and receive BANQ Coins or exchange to fiat it in any available BANQ ATM in the world.

Coin specification

Block Time:
3 min
10 BANQ coins,decreasing by 7% every year Reward distribution
Reward distribution:
70% Masternodes, 30%
Miners Instant send:
~5 seconds
Difficulty retargeting:
Dark Gravity Wave
Transaction anonymity:
Private send Implementation
Total Supply:
25 mln - 2% premine